The 007 BookBond is an international book event hosted by the Italian Book Club ( It will be held on October 14, 2014 at the Bistrot Quirino Theatre in Rome. Based in Rome and London, the Italian Book Club was founded 18 months ago by distinguished Italian consultant anesthetist Dr. Federico Conforto whose daily work involves life and death medical emergencies. It started as an escape from the realities of his job and into his love for books, and has now evolved into a growing community where people discuss books online, and has personalised the reader/buyer experience where members will read a book and review, and watch author interviews. The aim of the organisation is to build up a worldwide network of authors, to possibly find the "next Shakespeare," as is rightfully put by the club’s custodians, as they go on proudly reciting one of their favourite sayings, "Books will never die!"










Authors from the U.S.A., from across Africa, New Zeleand, Italy, Great Britain, and Japan, will unite at this event. Those awaited on the presence list are: William J. Riegler, born in Kentucky and living in Japan, writer of "Living My Ecstatic Life," Rosemary Kwenda, the Zimbabwe-born author of "I Survived," and Esther Austin of the U.K. In addition, Egyptian author of "Couch Traveler in Iran," Amr Badawy, and Texans co-authors of "Living Legacies" Cynthia and Keith Green as well as talented violinist Jeremy Green, will be amongst the awaited. Others expected are Federico D'Alessandris Rome-based rock band Lartefice, and author of "Ti racconto di lei", and the events artistic director, Alessio Follieri. Morocco-born Italian Parliament member and author of "Da Tunisi a Instanbul Viaggio nella primavera mai raccontata," On. Souad Sbai, and the New Zealander Zimbabwe-born author Gertrude Matshe, author of "Born on the Continent-Ubuntu," will also be in attendance.












ITALY and USA Attend the Bologna Children's Book Fair for Diversity and Global Connectivity Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2015 -- An exciting event will be taking place this month that will see booklovers arrive from all over the world. The Bologna Children's Book Fair is the most significant event, where some of the world's most popular children's publishing and multimedia companies present their contribution to the global industry. The event is to take place from March 30 to April 2, 2015 and will be attended by the Italian Book Club, Soul Ah-Mazing Company (, and Luv-it Studio LLC. Presented by its owner, Cathy Ann Johnson