01 October 2014
an International book event
19 September 2014
World News
With the emergence of electronic books (or eBooks, as they're called) on the market, there has always been a great debate as to whether this...
23 August 2014
World News
Electronic books or ebooks have changed the face of how we receive and use information. Schools are increasingly using mobile devices to deliver portions of...
16 August 2014
World News
Self-publishing used to be a big financial task. Most people needed deep pockets to be able to publish their own book. They often went this...
01 August 2014
There are certain books that can create a bridge between people. It is historically know that religious books like the Bible or Quran can bridge...
25 July 2014
World News
Social Media and the Internet have changed the way we interact with each other forever.
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