Nominations at 86th annual Academy Awards

16 July 2014

American Hustle

Inspired by some events really happened in U.S.A between 1974 and 1978, would definitely  like to Machiavelli: “the end justifies the means” is obviously the moral of di Masio pushing to recruit the pair of crook. Also Irving and Sydney will do anything to achieve their goals; but the demons of repentance are always lurking. In fact in American Hustle the characters are sensational precisely because they are tormented. Their lives, made of blackmails and ambitions, hide a pure desire of friendship and love:  the world isn’t only white or black. In a plot that combines spy story, romance and comedy, the characters are in the center of all; their characterization is both physical and psychological: a plane is the reflection of the other. Therefore the counterfeit of Irving  is also reflected in his rouged clothing that it’s fake like the carryover of his hair. In addition to this the performances of the actors are to applaud: Christian Bale exceeds the test with flying colors, and Jennifer Lawrence demonstrates her skill playing the role of the borderline Rosalyn. In conclusion America Hustle show us how little is enough to create a good movie: essentially a solid storyline and characters a bit ‘crazy.     

The Wolf of Wall Street  

The Wolf of Wall Street has been nominated for Best Director Martin Scorzese,  Leading Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill for best Supporting Actor (5 nominations). The Wall Street saga should remind us what it started and happened few  years ago at the beginning of ECONOMIC GLOBAL CRISIS. Is the Wolf, the main character, happy to live his luxurious , expensive and selfish life in a amoral world? Just to remind you that the movie has earned 128 milion dollars (90 milion in Usa).Sex , drug , fraudsters and animal hungriness are the most popular scenarios throughout three hours long film. We should think deeply if it represents our modern society and causes the crisis of ourselves.


(10 nominations) has been nominated as Best Director , earning 677 milion of dollars (258 milion of dollars only in Usa).The movie brings us into space with Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock. The scientist is a victim of an spatial accident, and the plot consists in her attempt to save herself. The most weird emotion is coming up to me and recalling me now: Gravity of James Brown ,when the famous and beloved singer , sang “in 21th century, you can dance, get your feet off the ground , and if you believe then you can”.


the Irish -British drama , directed by Stephen Frears , gives us feelings and giving way immediately to an emotional and irrational outburst. The memorabilia : small budget but amazing film . Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, also Judi Dench for Best Actress

The Great Beauty

Sorrentino, after 16 years, takes back Italy to Oscar Academy Awards with “La Grande Bellezza”, the story of Jep Gambardella, a disillusioned journalist that lives between the wonders of Rome and the emptines of its people. The Italian capital was represented in the film with all of its chameleon aspects: the sacredness of its monuments and the worldliness of the many night parties. But despite of this fullness – that is also found in the frames full of details – the movie tells the story about incomplete and hypocritich characters. Tony Servillo, who plays Jep, makes very well the inner state of the protagonist, that now arrived at the age of 65, must come to terms with what has really made life. The atmosphere and the swing of the movie is a sort of tribute to LA DOLCE VITA and the movie director FEDERICO FELLINI. Italy, finally,is back to his glory of cinema during 60s , when we were the second after USA for movie production and talent


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