Pierpaolo Pasolini's death

15 July 2014

Pierpaolo Pasolini died on 2th November 1975

Who was Pasolini?  Firstly he was one of the most controversial intellectual of 20th centutry , but also welknown as poet , movie director , journalist, novelist and italian writer . Why does the Italian bookclub remember his death after 38 years? For the reason that the italian bookclub highlights his capacity as philosopher prophesying what it occurs during this century : the globalization causes  the loss of traditions, of cultural identities, the value of man related to PROFIT and nevertheless  commercialization of the body and spirit.

We will never forget his prophetic critic words  against consumerism which destroyed the Italian society since 1960s  “I hate with particular vehemency the current power, the power of 1975, which is a power that manipulates bodies in a horrible way; a manipulation that has nothing to envy to that performed by Himmler or Hitler.”


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