I Never Promised You a Rose Garden: A Short Guide to Modern Politics, the Coalition and the General Election

by John Crace
28 November 2014

Two men David Cameron and Nick Clegg, one week after  the election,  gave their first press-conference at  the rose garden of 10 Downing Street.

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, started this adventurous coalition not long trustworthy by voters: it was a lucky moment or happening by chance ?
In fact Cameron exclaimed ': I can not believe it. All those people out there just for us ... Clegg: I know. And crazy, is not it [unk] I have to keep pinching myself. Cameron: I repeat ... Continue Clegg: What? Cameron: Call me the prime minister ... The storms partnership Dave and Nick would have to face (political scandals, gay marriage, riots, plebgate, economic recession, riots , immigration...) were so vague. 
Actually John Crace paints a picture of such abnormal and crazy coalition; while waiting for the next general election of 2015  the reader makes a depth equidistant thinking  and even entertaining about  the English political situation.
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