Historical and iconographic sources indicate that the Romans already boasted about twenty styles each leading to different trends and fashions.

Having decided to retire to the island of Capri during his final years, Tiberius Emperor reached the island wearing a pair of heavy-soled sandals with leather straps wrapped around the ankle.

Centuries later, those sandals become the symbol of Italian craftsmanship, the creativity style and design.



Thanks to their DREAMS AND FANTASY, the ITALIAN style and heritage CONTINUE TO WIN new millenium CHALLANGES by elegance, quality, grace and imagination.





Nevertheless the process of sandal making has remained the same. Sandals are made by stitching several layers of leather soles together on top of which straps in genuine calf leather or lambskin are applied. The straps can then be embellished with beads, pearls or TRINKETS







The atelier of the master craftsman welcomed the most distinguished and famous names of the international jet-set : Clark Gable to Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Onassis, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, Richard Gere.