“Living my ecstatic life – a quest becomes an awakening”

by William Riegler
13 June 2014



Hippie life in San Francisco; married to a Japanese friend because she needed a US visa; a visit to the parents-in-law in Japan that turns into building a career as an English teacher and creator of English schools for Japanese children; raised two children; organised a charity concert to help Tsunami survivors in Japan and Thailand; near-deadly illness and enlightening visions: with some travel and other adventures thrown in the book certainly lives up to its promising title!


Along his life journey William Riegler becomes a man full of gratitude who finds most joy in giving to others. Through his book he shares with us the path he followed to gain this insight. He reflects on his interactions with his parents, his children and people in his new home country, exploring personality and cultural differences.


William Riegler witnesses how a natural disaster, the 2011 earth quake and tsunami in Japan, poses a tough challenge to people’s faith and positive attitude. However, he chooses to focus on the survivors and organises a charity concert to raise funds for material support and, more importantly, to fight feelings of despair and helplessness in many that were directly and indirectly affected.


Exhaustion from his efforts leads to a severe illness, but also to a very personal spiritual experience that helps him face and overcome many of his own doubts. As William Riegler recovers, he emerges with a clearer mind, consciously focused on gratitude for life, its challenges and the lessons they teach us.

Diana Mittag


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