The Lightbearers

by Nora M. Garcia
16 January 2014

For Jean Crystal all begins in 1346 A.C. She met George, uncovering many truths about life and death. At that time George was called Akhenaton and was an Egyptian Pharaoh while Jean was just fifteen years old and was called Nefertiti, ready to become queen. Both have a mission: save the human race. Make it better and away from hate and greed. This "crusade" against humanity returns to infinity. The two, die and are reincarnated in other bodies, up to the present day in which Jean, suffering from cancer and widow of her beloved George, discovers the atrocities made by a certain Dr. Natas.
The story goes more and more thickening. The characters grow, come back in several bodies, exchange, through the centuries, communicate spiritually.
A mystery novel of our time going to join with an event based on love. A man and a woman, who through meditation, abstraction and the reincarnation, meet at infinity, can never be.
Nora Farr had the great ability to merge multiple narrative levels seemingly distant. The message of love, peace and salvation combined with mystery novel, in which a frame, without a shadow of a doubt, we find the fantasy.

Letizia Cardinali


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